Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Snow

This is the view looking east from the Jackson Visitors Center at Paradise. On your left is the Mountain Guide Center and beyond it and the road in the far left of the parking lot is the Paradise Lodge which opens he last week of May before the Memorial Day Holiday for the season through September.

This is before and after the snowplow work is done after snowstorms, this one this week. The driver drove up from Longmire to the Administration area to get the snowplow to clear the road to the parking lot and the parking lot, and then the road down the hill to meet the snowplows working up from Longmire to about the Nisqually River Bridge.

So give thanks to the NPS folks when you visit those days they had to get up early in the cold winter and spring weather to clear the road for you to get there from Longmire and the gate which is used to control traffic to Paradise. All the work of great federal government employees.