Friday, December 12, 2008

Road Closures

The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a winter storm warning for the Cascade Mountains in Washington and lowland areas of the Puget Sound beginning later today (Friday 12/12/08) and through the weekend. In anticipation of this the State Department of Transportation is closing highway 123 and 410 through Mt. Rainier NP from near the entrances to and over Cayuse and Chinook Passes. In addition, other roads in the NP will be closed accordingly as necessary.

The NWS is predicted this winter storm will bring snow accumulations of a few feet in the mountains and inches in the lowlands away from the water, and will persist into late next week with subfreeziing temperatures throughout the Puget Sound. All appropriate precautions should be taken by travellers as recommended by the Washington DOT, meaning taking clothes, blankets, food and water on any extended trip as a precaution.

In short, it's one of the few storms we get this severe, last noted in 1990, but not an uncommon winter storm (averaging 3 every winter in the Puget Sound). So, be a good northwesterner and Puget Sounder and be prepared. We been here and we'll be ok. And if you're visiting us sometime in the next week or so, we hope you love cold, snow and good hospitality. We understand if you're not from here and will help you while you're here.

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