Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Updates

I have updated the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide for the October news, access and information, and the monthly prospective Web pages. October is the transistion month between the last of the September visitors and the work of the NPS getting ready for winter in the NP closing campgrounds and roads, and closing or reducing hours at facilities. By the end of the month, only a few facilities will be open weekends and holidays.

But there still are some great hiking and photography locations and opportunities, and there are far fewer people. But you have to be prepared with your clothes, supplies and equipment and be flexibile with your plans, as the weather is unpredictable as we've already seen with some snow at Paradise. The seasonal snow at the lower to middle elevations won't be in the NP until November and really December, but there are usually a few snow storms in the NP in October.

In addition to the October reports I've added a new Web page for an overview of the NP. It's an introduction and overview of the background, history, environment and photography locations and opportunities of the NP. It will get you familar with Mt. Rainier and the NP. As always, you're free to send me suggestions, questions, comments or corrections.

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