Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Reports

The August reports for the news, access and conditions are on-line at the photo guide. August can be summarized as the one and only summer month in the NP. It has the best weather, is almost snow-free, has the most open areas and trails, has the last of the wildflowers, and the decreasing insect population around the mid-late days of the month, after the first near freezing overnight temperatures.

It's the best month for photographers, every type of scene and landscape you can imagine and all the photo opportuntiies there and waiting, from the mountain itself, to wildlife, wildflowers, waterfalls and everything else. Just a hike away. And the weather is the most accomodating. The best general weather with the least rainfall of any month. The best day and night temperatures with cool to warm days and cool to cold night depending on the weather and elevation.

The only real problem you'll face are the crowds. Everywhere, on the roads, at the visitors areas, at trailheads, etc., especially past mid-morning to early evening. Expect them, plan for them and be nice. But you can easily get away by just hiking a little farther, usually past the 1-2 mile mark from the trailhead or on the lesser used trails - and no I won't tell you my favorites but you can easily find them via the day hike Web page, and map of them.

So, it's the best time to be there. Enjoy it.

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