Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July Updates

Photo looking southeast from Paradise July 21, 2010

I have, belatedly - sorry, life got in the way, updated the July news, conditions and reports for the Mt. Rainier photo guide. I plan to get the August update out within a week, hopefully, unless life gets back in my way and I succomb to it. I'm not planning it.

Ok, that said, what is July like and going to be like into August? Well, how does great sound to you. Well, it's the best time, which is really through September, except for one thing, bugs. Mid-July is when the bugs arise and amass in numbers through mid-late August, or until the first few sub-40 degree nights, when they almost completely disappear for the season. So, if you plan to go, be prepared for them following you everywhere.

July is the month the snow finally melts at and above the 5,000 ft elevation, and especially 5-6,000 feet where most of the trails are at Paradise. Sunrise is still another 1,000 feet higher and will have snow into early-mid August (no real-time snow data site there), so you have to plan accordingly when going there.

Otherwise, it's great to be there, so go and enjoy, and remember it's everyone National Park, so please leave no trace and share it with others.

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