Friday, March 18, 2011

March News

The March reports for the news, access and conditions, and prospects has been on-line (from earlier this week). I apologize for being late, too much other things in life getting and keeping my attention. Life is like that whether we like it, plan for it or even want it. It happens.

That said, March is still winter with increasing snowpack and still cold temperatures and snow. Lots of snow still happening this year. Snow persists in all areas except the northwest quadrant (Carbon River and Mowich Lake). There is no or little snow until you're well into the NP. Otherwise, it's still snow and winter rules, and closed roads.

The only change is the snowplay area will close for the season Monday March 27th, leaving two weekends to enjoy it. Take care, the roads are still snowcovered with some days of ice, so drive carefully.

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