Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Section III Updates

I have updated the first 5 (of 9) parts of the third section ("Places") in the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide This includes an overview of hikes with hiking tips, day hikes, backcountry hikes, car trips and bike trips in the NP. The last four of the five have accompanying maps for identifying locations of your interest.

These guides will be expanded in time with more specific information and locations for the places in the NP of interest. The day hike and backcountry hike Web pages (descriptions and maps) will be accompanied later with Web pages on trailheads, as shown in the table of contents to the photo guide (above link). The car trip guide will be expanded with specific places along each highway or road for vista, short trails, facilities, etc.

That said, these are on the plans, and if you read the plans and see the photo guide, there's a lot of work left to do, and much of it ahead of these two, but I do the work based on time and interest, and am frequently revising priorities based on the time to get a task or project done for the photo guide.

Right now, next on the list are the edits of the remaining 4 parts of section III, the wildfilowers, waterfalls, lakes and fire lookouts, and the April reports in section I of the photo guide. As for when they'll be done and on-line, well, it's best said by Rusty Wallace, "Stay tuned hotrod, we're just getting started."

For now the NP is in winter, recent photo above, still approaching the peak snowpack (later through May and into May), and as noted in previous blog entries, like March of last year, snow and cold.

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