Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wildflowers & News

Folks are reporting the mid and especially upper elevation wildflowers are in bloom for the next two weeks or so, see article in Tacoma News Tribune's Mt. Rainier Guide. I caution the reader that Soo-Too-Lick Hunting Grounds, which is named for the indian guide Satulick, is the officially Indian Henry's Hunting Grounds on maps and in NP Guides. The writer doesn't note that.

Other news is that from now through the Labor Day holiday weekend, the NP will be very busy and full, especially the parking lots, so if you're going to Longmire or Paradise, consider the shuttle service from Ashford to locations in the NP. It will also be hot this weekend (August 18-19th) so more reasons for more visitors.

The Comet Falls trail is still closed 1.5 miles from the trailhead at the highway. This is due to the avalanche in July which took out much of the trail and maintenance crews, both NPS staff and many volunteers, are still building a new one through the landslide from the snow. No word when it will reopen.

All but the upper elevation trails are snow-free now (last snow late July to early August), only some in backcountry areas above 6-7,000+ feet but nothing significant this time of year this year, unlike last year where there was significant snow above 5-6,000 feet until late August.

That's it for now. Go and enjoy the visit and take care of it so we all can and will enjoy it too.

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