Saturday, March 23, 2013


I've written about this before, see blog essay, but I want to reemphasize it again, which is simply if you are searching for old publications, documents, reports, brochures, pamphlets, books, maps, etc., as I do for Mt. Rainier NP, and you use some of the on-line used booksellers, namely abebook, alibris, or similar ones, one word of advice.

Don't buy "Print on Demand" editions.

You see these a lot of these when scrolling through the list of material for any subject or topic, and the number of sellers of these types of books are now throughout the world. And many of their copies are expensive, too expensive for a print on demand publication.

The reason I advice don't buy them is that they're a variety of publications. Some are just a collection of Wikipedia articles you can get for free from Wikipedia or a third party app of Wikipedia pages. Some are US government documents or reports you can find on-line for free.

Some are old books past the copyright protection where you can find original print editions for the same price or less. And some are scholoarly or academic publications you can find in libaries through the World Library Catalog and go there to read or copy them or use interlibrary service to get them to your local library.

One thing I've done with my research for materials, listed here is always get the original edition or make  a copy from an original edition (eg. journals). I don't buy print on demand publications, but I often research the source material and then find that if it's an actual publication, and if so, find that.

Anyway, it's just advice after seeing a US government reports on monitoring programs for glacier, climate, elk populations, each for $30-40 and use a few clicks of Google to find and download the PDF public domain copies from the National Park Service. Gee, government for your taxes.

In conclusion with these, save your money and buy a real book, old or new. You're better off and better served.

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