Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I'm back. Well, sorta' back. I've been gone from here for health issues and problems stemming from a pinched Sciatic nerve in July 2012 and digestive problems since March 2008, the latter taking 4 yeart to resolve only to have new problems since December 2013.

In short, I'm almost back to health, only my fitness has been the work in progress as I've gone from 185+ pounds to ~150 lbs since January 2013 with a little more weight to lose to get to my fitness goal, all the weight loss from walking nearly 3,300 miles to date (really).

Anyway, I plan resume work on the photo guide as I hope to resume hiking and photographing in Mt. Rainier NP later this spring after a few years of not getting there for a variety of reasons, not least of which was $50 in gas round trip for each trip.

That said, I've updated the webcams for the ones which are down and the broken link to the Camp Muir image (they went to a different server and image file name than the NPS one when it's up for the season).

I noticed OS-X 10.10.2 with the recent security update (March 10, 2015) and Javascript 8 update 40 can be slightly buggy for some reasons, where the pop up window and the image takes a few seconds to display.

Not sure which is the problem or the combination of the two, but then we know Apple and Oracle aren't exactly best friends. I don't test with Apple's javascript since I have Oracle's OS-X version installed as the default, which I recommend because they're a lot faster with updates to fix bugs or security problems.

Anyway, there will be more over the coming months as I get back to health and working again.

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