Saturday, May 10, 2008

MPG V2.0

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From some suggestions by other photographers, I've updated My Photo Guide (MPG) to Mt. Rainier National Park with version 2.0 which will set the level I can work update and upgrade. I still have some more cosmetic changes for consistency, but they're transparent to everyone. I've removed all the unnecessary photos, using a standard one except for two others, until I can get more images scanned or taken.

In additon, I have a list of things do work on, which are the list of day hikes (haven't decided if by region or catagory), a climbers Web page (just the basics since I'm not a climber and there are far better pages), a naturalist Web page to describe the flora and fauna, a wildflower Web page, a sunrise/sunset Web page, a better map for the quadrants and Paradise overview and sections, and some visual enchancements for the imagemaps.

So far, and photo/trail descriptions with photos, which takes being there hiking and photographing. I have to keep remembering it's a long task for this photo guide, about 3-5 years to get something substantial for just the thought of a book. And don't forget, you can send your suggestions, questions or problems.

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