Sunday, June 1, 2008


It's been two weeks since the last update. So, is anything new?

Well, you can see from the photo (above, adjusted) from the NPS Webcam, which has a problem producing under exposed images (it's been reported and they're looking into it), there still is a lot of snow at Paradise, but the road is open all the time. Parking isn't so hot as the snow and construction limits availability, but the Inn at Paradise is open (see news).

Other than that, there's not much to report let alone update. It's the short, intermediate season between initial and near complete snowmelt, see Snotel Data. The lower elevation roads and trails are open, but snow is still on the ground at and above the 3,000 foot elevation. So be prepared for snow if you want longer or higher elevation hikes.

I've haven't updated the Website for the photography guides since mid-May because life choose different things to do and I've been researching the next set of Web pages, finding books, Websites, and other information for new Web pages. I'm neither a climber or a biologist, so adding Web pages for these subjects takes more time. And I'm learning more about Google maps.

Well, that's it for now. I'm scheduling some hiking and photo trips, so I don't know when this blog or the Photo Guide will be updated. It's a busy summer and we have to pack a lot in between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but you're always welcome to send e-mail with your suggestions, questions or whatever else you want to say.

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