Friday, March 26, 2010

Another day at the office

Below are the series of images for this morning from the NPS Webcams at Paradise in Mt. Rainier NP. For the NPS staff who have to drive up from Longmire, from the gate to the Jackson Visitors Center, it's just another day in the office, in the winter. First they have to navigate and clear the road as seen below.

Then when they get there, looking out the horizon, or what they can see, they see the Tatoosh Mountains to the south (first image below) and Mt. Rainier (second image below).

Then they get to work, clearing the parking lot of new snow for visitors when the gate is opened about 10 am (first image below), and go in the center to make sure it's ok from any overnight weather (second image below). The center isn't open on weekdays, so it's essentially in minimum heat mode, but with it's green, environmentally-friendly design, it doesn't cost much to operate and is easier and cheaper to heat.

And there they can get on with their other work there over the winter. It's not just sit and watch the snowfall. These folks have a lot of work just keeping the facilities snug and safe until the weekend. To them, it's not such a bad day at the office.

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