Friday, March 5, 2010

March Updates

I've updated the photo guide for March. It's still winter and the NP is still in winter mode and operation, and will be until May into June. You can read the news, map and report Web pages for the details, found on the above link.

One new bit of news, which applies to all National Parks (NP) and Wildlife Refuges (WR). Effective February 22nd, it is legal to openly carry guns and concealed guns with a permit in NP's and WR's. But there are a lot of limitations with this right. These are listed below.

1. The gun has to be unloaded at all times. Loaded guns are illegal.

2. The gun can not be carried anywhere indoors or were explicitly prohibited.

3. The gun can not used (unholstered) and discharged anywhere in the NP.

4. The gun can not used (fired) for the protection of life and property.

5. The gun can not used to threaten or intimidate another person.

In short, it's useless to use it, so it's useless to carry it. It doesn't enchance your visitor experience to the NP, and likely ruins other visitors' experience seeing it. So, just don't bring it. Doing so only show how insensitive and inconsiderate of others and our National Parks and Wildlife Refuges.

In addition the NPS has trained and instructed staff to now treat all visitors as if they are concealing or carrying a gun, until they see or know differently. So, please show them you're not carrying a gun for your and their safety and security.

The law will be in effect until Congress can pass and the President sign a law with the amendment repealing this (stupid) law. I'll keep you posted, and obviously happily when it's changed back to the old law.

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