Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Reports

This is the view of Paradise the morning of May 4th.

Well, at long last the updates reports pages for Mt. Rainier NP photo guide. I apologize for the failures and delays, but life kept sticking itself in between this work from late March to now. It's still there but I've managed to get the Web pages done, if only initially. They'll be reviewed and updated again this week, as I'm known to make mistakes. But for now they're there now.

So what is there? Ok, the latest news, the conditions and access, and the monthy report Web pages. I also added the April reports for historical purposes (besides they were almost ready, just not uploaded).

So what's new for May? Well, the NP and the NPS transistions from winter to spring. The month starts with winter and under winter rules except the snowplay area has been closed for over a month. The month transistion to late spring as the snowmelt begins and the facilities open for the start of the visitors season from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

This transistion will continue through June and into July if the snow doesn't melt sufficiently to open the higher elevation roads and facilities, namely the White River road and campground and the road onward to Sunrise. These areas open late June to early July. Otherwise, almost everything opens from late May to late June.

The one signficant difference this year over previous years is that the open carrying of firearms is legal in the NP. This change is noted in the news, conditions and reports Web pages along with my opinion about it. Remember the guns can only be carried in open areas and not in facilities. Also the guns can not be unholstered or discharged (fired) anywhere in the NP at any time, even in self-defense.

In short, there is no reason to bring them to the NP and endanger everyone else with the open display of guns, especially considering the many of out-of-state and foreign visitors. The NP is not the place to scare people with guns simply to make a personal statement about your rights. Please keep your guns at home.

Anyway, good luck and please enjoy your visit.

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