Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Update II

I have updated several Web pages with the Mt. Rainier photo guide for the changes in the news, conditions and access reflecting the Memorial Day holiday weekend when many of the roads and facilities will be open and the first wave of visitors come to the NP over the summer. In addition I have updated several other pages regarding day hikes and hiking tips listed in the guide.

In short, it's the start of the visitors season, from the Memorial Day holiday through the Labor Day holiday, when everything becomes accessible and very much enjoyable. The June reports will be on-line next week, but they won't be significantly different from the May reports except accounting for the mid-to-late June period not in the May reports.

I hope the photo guide helps your visit, experience and photography of the NP, and please feel free to send me e-mail with your questions. And photographers are free to send me request for reseach and information with your work in the NP, see a description of available services.

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