Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Updates

I've had updated the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide with the news, access and prospects Web pages. October is a continuation of September for most of the NP for weather, only colder with more rain, It's the beginning of the seasonal closures, starting October 4th to October 12th for some roads, facilities and campgrounds. The rest of the seasonal closures are scheduled for November 1st.

After that, the only open road are the eastside highway, 410 from the northeast (White River) entrance to Cayuse and Chinook passes, and 123 from the southeast (Ohanapecosh) entrance to Cayuse and Chinook passes, and the highway from Longmire entrance to Paradise. The eastside highways will close for snowstorms and then seasonal for the winter. The highway to Longmire is open year around, but the road from there to Paradise will close nightly and open each morning weather permitted.

The Mowich Lake entrance and road also closes November 1st but is open to hikers and the campground converts to a winter backcountry camp with permits. The Carbon River entrance is still and will be closed at the entrance to vehicles. The NPS is evaluating the future of the entrance and road to Ipsut Creek campground and have released the Environmental Assessment with alternatives, see their Web page for more information.

The Longmire facilities are open year around, but everything else closes except the Jackson Visitors Center which will be open weekends and holidays through the winter into spring. This means if you visit during the week bring everything with you or plan a stop at the Longmire area.

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