Friday, October 29, 2010

Recent Updates

I've updated some of the Web pages for information with the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide for a number of reasons. While researching the placenames in the NP, I found a waterfall and lake I missed before, and have updated both the set of Web pages (description, map and list) for lakes and waterfalls. Both of these are not easily accessible so they don't offer much for photographers unless you're an experienced backpacker and backcountry scrambler.

The other update was for the USGS 7 1/2 minute topographic maps for the Mt. Rainier NP. The older or current DRG versions served by the University of Washington Geomorphological Research Group were moved to another server and I had to find them to update the links. This is now fixed where you can download the maps. In many cases they're the same version as those available from the USGS as PDF's.

The monthly November reports are under review and will be available next week if not sooner. In addition, I'm working on the Web pages for the placenames in the NP, all (about) 430 of them for 15 catagories. I trying to determine the best way to present them to be useful and interesting. In addition I'm reviewing them for changes over the years from the 1915 and 1938 version of the map for the NP that I have.

Along with that I'm working on a new map Web page for the glaciers in Mt. Rainier NP. I currently have a map for viewing trails and locations but not the location and information about all of the glaciers including several not on Mt. Rainier and one which disappeared enough to be removed from maps. Nothing like gettig a feature named for you and it disappears in real and on maps.

That's it for the update.

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