Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being Late

Yes, I know the January updates and reports are late. I got waylaid by other events and situations. Handy excuse and reason but don't change the fact I'm late. So, I hope to have this work on-line by the end of the week and get back to the other overdue work on the glaciers, NP brochures and maps (1914-1940), placenames, and so on down the list of current projects in need of attention to finish.

But all that said, with the Christmas and New Year's holidays now past, January is simply a continuation of normal winter operations in the NP. The snow play area has been open for two-plus weeks now. The Jackson Visitors Center goes back to weekend and holiday hours (open the whole two weeks of the holidays). And the road from Longmire to Paradise is managed at th gate just east of Longmire (opens daily 9-10 am, weather permitting) and at the Nisqually Bridge (chain up area when enforced).

Otherwise, it's winter in the NP. Only the lower elevations (below about 2,000 feet is consistently with little or no snow (only during storms and colder weather). All the rest is snow bound, and closed except to snow travellers and snowmobiles (restricted to selected roads) with 8' at Paradise.

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