Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July-August News

View from Camp Muir looking due south down the Muir Snowfield to McClure Rock with Mt. Adams on the left and Mount St. Helens on the right in the distance.

I have updated the monthly news and information, condition and access, and monthly prospects Web pages with the photo guide for July and August. I will be reviewing and updating other Web pages which have seasonal information for the summer season this month.

After this work is done, I'll be taking a short hiatus until after the Labor Day holiday weekend to focus on some other overdue work and my fitness program which has progressed but still needs more time and work.

During this hiatus I will be looking at the todo list and doing some background research to work on the fall updates and information and other Web pages. And I'll be posting occasional news and information here which effects visitors and photographers to the NP.

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