Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Website Down

As of about 3:30 pm today (July 23rd) my Website is down due to the host (Rainier Connect) being down. Everything isn't working with them, their Website beside those they host, e-mail servers, etc. The whole game for them.

It seems or appears something major broke and they're experiencing "technical difficulties" with their system. Gee, so much for selling yourself as 100% reliable. No word on their Twitter accout about the outage or when they'll be back.

Update.-- What do yo know, as of now, 5:10 pm, they're back. I wonder if they deduct this from the bill next month, 1.5 hours of our stupidity. Yeah, I'm not enamored with them but they're the lesser of evils for Website hosting services here.

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