Thursday, August 29, 2013


Update.--The Jackson Visitors Center Webcams are back up, so there's only two down, the air quality one in the administration building looking to the southwest and the Sunrise east one awaiting work on the window.

Just a quick note to say a number of the Webcams are having problems. Two of the ones in the Jackson visitors center (west and east) are dated over a week ago. The Webcam in the Mountain Guide Center is mispointed (at something inside the building). The air quality one looking down southwest is down. And the one in the Sunrise visitors center is still down.

These are a great asset for visitors and many thanks and kudos for the work of the NPS to have and opearate them, and it only shows how much we need the NPS to be adequately funded for their work protecting and managing our National Parks.

I know many in Congress know this, but it sometimes seems it falling on deaf ears of the leadership and many Republicans in the House of Representatives to fully funded the government we all need and want. I won't politicize it much here, just when it obvious.

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