Monday, August 12, 2013

Website Down

Update.-- 3:10 pm.-- The Website appears to be back, but I'll keep checking to see it's not a temporary fix.

Folks, I apologize the Website is down no thanks to the Website hosting company. Last week they sent an e-mail they're moving systems around along with Website servers. I followed their instructions and everything was fine until today when only the home page is there.

When I called them they said they're moving all the Website from the hosting servers in Florida, locally they were what's called a virtual server being the host for the domain name and thru-put for visitors to the real hosting server.

They first said, "We didn't do anything.", but a few minutes later gave the sheepish, "Oops" response that the link on the Domain Name Server (DNS) was wrong, but the tech didn't know how to fix it, and would call me back. Like an hour ago.

It appears they want local copies now but when they moved to the Florida server, they had me buy a FTP application and upload all the files directly, so I don't have access to the local server anymore to upload to them.

I told them if they give me the access I'll upload the entire Website, assuming it won't run into a quota for my Website, but they said they were transferring all the Websites back. I said, "So, where's mine?" and got no answer.

I suspect they decided to let owners of broken Websites call if they find or have problems. Like that's good customer relations. I have my domain name and Website hosting with them almost 13 years (December 2000), but apparently older customers don't count.

It's why you get the URL not found on this server error messages. For now, that's the only news I have, nothing works, and they know I'm not happy with them. And all I can do is wait.

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