Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quad Views

I have updated the Web pages for the four quadrants, the Carbon River and Mowich Lake entrances in the northwest, the Nisqually River entrance in the southwest, the Ohanapecosh entrance in the southeast and the White River entrance in the northeast, along with the Paradise Area in the south-central area of the NP.

You can find these at the photo guide and the quadrant overview Web pages. The complete guide for the northeast and southeast along with the accompanying maps have not been done yet. I apologize for this. The work to produce them takes 4-6 weeks from research to publication, time I haven't had in the last two years.

I plan to work on these later this year and hopefully on-line in 2014. Until then the other three areas are there and updated along with brief overviews of the two other areas.

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