Monday, October 14, 2013

Webcams Web page

Update (10/14/13).--  I'm still having problems with the Web page for the NP Webcams, which is likely due to the issue of the NPS shutting down their Websites and servers and the Webcam pages or images being unavailable. This creates problems where the Web page won't fully load with all the images and stalls.

The NPS has replaced some of the cameras which have different size images. I have updated the size of the pop-up window for the new image size to full size except one, the view from Camp Muir, which is too large for most computer monitors and laptops, so the image is half the width and height (1/4 original size).

I don't see an answer to the problem of loading the Web  page until the government is open again and the NPS is back to work with the Websites, servers and Web cams. I'll run the Web page as long as the images are automatically updated, but don't be concerned if some of the images don't show and the Webcam, communications or network has problems.

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