Friday, June 12, 2015

Personal Update

I wrote earlier this year I'm back, sorta' and kinda', and it's still true. I've been going through a series of medical test to determine what's wrong with my digestive system which, as of now, is an unindentifable bacteria infection or overgrowth.

This means all the tests to date for known (common) bacteria infections and overgrowths are negative, but the symptoms still clearly point (by the gastroenterologist own diagnosis) to likely an overgrowth.

But until they can establish the specific type of bacteria or its source, they won't prescribe any treatment, let alone any antibiotic, so I'm still undergoing tests for anything obviously physical or anything obvious in the digestive tract. And yes, it's those tests.

Anyway, it's fair to say it's frustrating and exasperating going through the tests and not beginning any treatment for something obvious, even a best guess would work for me, but that's the reality of specialists, and at least this one agrees there's a problem (the first one didn't and dismissed it and me).

I have a lot of drafts waiting to translate to computer files, and I'll get to those this month along with other updates.

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