Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weather Sites

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This entry has been updated to get all the weather and snow blog entries together

I've updated the Web pages for a weather overview and a map of sites for weather data.

There are eight sites operated by four different federal government agencies with a wealth of data to help with your trip in the NP. There are three sites by the NRCS for snow, snowpack and temperature data, three sites by the NPS for weather data, one for the NWS for rainfall and temperature data and one by the USGS for rainfall and temperature data. The Webpage (above) has links to their respective Web pages with the eventual goal of providing the latest data too.

The NRCS operates a network of SNOTEL sites, at Mowich, Cayuse Pass and Paradise, for snow and snowpack data along with other data to evaluate the water resources of the Western States. The NWS operates a network of weather sites and NEXRAD sites, Ashford in this case, along with collecting weather data from numerous local, state and federal agencies for the weather predictions of the United States.

The NPS operates three weather sites, at Longmire, Camp Muir and Ohanapecosh, for the operation and management of the NP and to help assess the conditions for climbers. The USGS operates a network of lake, streamflow and weather sites, at Buck Creek Camp in this case, for the evaluation of the water resources of the U.S.

I hope these Web pages help with planning your trip, and you're free to send me your suggestions, questions or problems.

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