Monday, February 27, 2012

NP Boundary History

In reviewing Web pages I noticed the markers with the map of the boundary of Mt. Rainier NP, found here, had an error in the markers for the year. This has been corrected. I apologize for the mistake. The goal is to present the history of the NP from the original 1899 designation with the 1931 expansion to the Cascade divide to the recent 1988 and 2003 inclusions.

There are discussions to expand the NP in the northwest corner, namely along the Carbon River to include the whole River valley where the current bounday is along the center of the river channel diving the NP to the south and the USFS and private timber land to the north.

This is a great idea to provide the NPS with better management of the river and provide additional lands for vistor and NPS facilities currently inside the NP where floods threaten them, but the latest information sugggests with the current Congress and agency funding, this is not in the immediate future. We can hope with the new Congress.

Anyway, that's it from here.

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