Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sun and Moon Information

I've updated the Sun and Moon information Web page for the sunrise and sunset with corresponding azimuth along with links ot the moon rise and moon set with the corresponding azimuth for Paradise at Mt. Rainier NP for all of 2012. I was late with January (sorry about that, but it's now there for the whole year. Each page prints or you can use to link to get the original information.

The times are relative to an level view of the terrain and the horizon, which means the times should be adjusted for local terrain and the distant terrain where distant mountains will cause the times to be later in the case of sun or moon rise and earlier in the case of sun or moon set. This is true for all of western Washington (there's a 8-10 minute difference where I live), and especially in Mt. Rainier NP.

Anyway, the information is there for your use, and as always, you're welcome to send me any questions, suggestions or problems with the Web pages or information, see contact Web page.

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