Thursday, August 28, 2008

Highway 123 closures

Highway 123 between the Stevens Canyon entrance and Cayuse Pass, see my access and conditions Web page, and the NPS press release for more information. This means there will be no traffic through the construction work.

This a continuation of the work for repairing the damage from the November 2006 storms and floods where landslides wiped out some section of this highway. It was repaired temporarily this last spring and now paving will be done to return the road to a highway before the winter season. And hopefully, we won't have storms and floods like those that caused the damage.

If you are coming from the south or east via Highway 12 you can make plans to get to the same places by either using highway 706 to Paradise and Ashford and onward to highway 7 and Interstate 5 or use highway 12 and Interstate 5 to get to highway 165 for the roads to the Carbon River or Mowich Lake entrances in the northwest or highway 410 to get to the White River entrance and Sunrise area, see travel overview, or a state highway map.

Otherwise, have a good trip and visit.

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