Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MPG V2.3

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I've updated the navigation and design on the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide with better map Web pages and improved navigation between the information, map and list Web pages on a particular subject, listed in the table of contents (above guide) in addition to adding popup windows for the advisories than text in the Web page. This means you need to enable popup windows with your browser.

Scheduled for this month is a Web page for backcountry hikes. It's still in the research and development stage to compile the information and resources. It will focus on the longer weekend and longer hikes and the Wonderland trail. These are the least accessed areas of the NP by photographers but has some of the photography opportunities.

After that are guides for wildflowers, wildlife and climbing, Web pages for an NP overview and history and completing the Web pages for the northeast and southeast quadrants. The goal is to have the framework for the guide done by this fall or winter to work on the next generation design and production of a print version (PDF) for photographers and NP visitors sometime in the next year.

In addition I'm working on an off-shoot project of the 1896 expedition by Bailey Willis, Israel C. Russell and George O. Smith, all geologist, who made the first scientific exploration of the area around Mt. Rainier for the glaciers and geology. They were the first to navigate around the north side from Paradise across several eastern side glaciers. Willis also took numerous 4x5 photographs (black and white negatives) which I've found in federal archives.

This is a longer term project which will be added to the photo guide more as information with the longer term goal and plan to locate sites of the photographs to take new ones with a 4x5 camera (b&w and color). I'll keep you posted over the months and likely years as it unfolds.

I hope you enjoy the improvements and please let me know if you have any problems, suggestions or questions.

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