Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DNR book errata sheet

The primary author/editor, Patrick Pringle, of the book, "Roadside Geology of Mt. Rainier NP and vicinity, Washington", WA DNR IC107 has an errata sheet, and is summarized below.


p. iii: I forgot to thank Gene Kiver for contributing information on the summit ice caves including the photo used in Fig. 39 on p. 41.


p. 8 typo. Figure 6 caption: In the third from the last sentence it should say "...this stream..." not "...this steam..."

p. 9 typo: "The Cascades volcanic arc has been active for "at least 37 m.y." [not 27 m.y., as stated in the book].

Fig. 8 (p. 10): The top of Pyramid Peak (elev. 6937 ft) is located about 1/2 in up and to the right of where the leader points.

Part I

Fig. 14 (p. 18): We inadvertently left out the west Rainier seismic zone (WRSZ) on this figure. However, the WRSZ is shown on Fig. 3 on p. 4 and on Fig. 43, on p. 44.

Fig. 33 caption. after “…reached the Nisqually River”, add “…and that the Osceola Mudflow and Paradise lahars flowed farther than depicted here. The areal extents of the Round Pass Mudflow and Reflection Lakes lahar, both large clay-rich flows, are not shown.”

Part II

Fig. A-3. This crude map of the Tanwax-Ohop valley flood(s) grossly exaggerates the width of the area inundated. Unfortunately an updated map on a lidar base was misplaced; a replacement is in preparation.

Fig. B-16, p. 73: The leader pointing to the Clear Fork Dacite Flow should extend almost a quarter of an inch (~8 mm) farther down to the flat surface that dips gently to the right.

Fig. C-14, p. 80: Oops, vegetation covers the drift referred to in the caption!

Fig. D-2 typo. The caption should say “southeast-dipping beds…” (in a future edit of this picture, the farthest right arrow should be changed so that it points to the actual dip slope (which dips to the right in this image) and the other two arrows should be moved slightly so that it’s clear they are pointing to the dip slope and not the scarp slope.

Fig. E-10, p. 101; Added information: Steamboat Prow is the pyramidal peak to the right of Emmons Glacier; Inter Glacier sits on upper flank of Steamboat Prow and Winthrop Glacier is above and to the right of the Steamboat Prow; Russell Cliffs (thinly bedded flows dipping to the north) are beyond the Winthrop Glacier.

Fig. F-21, p. 114: The platy jointing alluded to is not easily visible in this photo.

Fig. H-12, p. 128: The first sentence of the caption should say, “Tumac Mountain shield volcano.” The last portion of the second sentence should be changed to say, “…a crater is hidden in the trees on the west flank of the summit cinder cone.”

Fig. H-24, p. 134: Quaternary Tieton Andesite is the uppermost flow unit shown on the horizon to the far right.

Fig. M-3, p. 156 typo: The third sentence of the caption should say, "The buried trees shown in Fig. M-4 were about 150 ft..."

I'll keep this updated if I see additions.

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