Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thank the folks

Photo by Drew Perine, TNT

I wrote a short essay about the daily winter chore at Paradise in Mt. Rainier NP where I found images of the snowplower driver going to and working on clearing the parking lot at Paradise. Well, Sunday (2/15/09) the Tacoma News Tribune has a story on the winter staff, including the snow plow drover who clear the Longmire to Paradise road.

While we go there to enjoy the snow and the scenery, let's not forget the wonderful folks who live and work there, and make sure our time there is safe and fun and we get home. Without these folks, it just wouldn't be and the NP would be closed for the season when and where the best we could do is stand at the entrance and stare, and maybe get short hikes into the edges of the NP, and still not begin to appreciate it.

The NP has a history of all the people who have given time, some their careers, to being and working in the NP. While it's a nice summer job for many, it's a year-around job for some, the dedicated NPS employees, the contractor staff and the Inn, and the many volunteers who give their time.

So when you see them, say thanks.

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