Friday, February 20, 2009

New DNR Book Update

I wrote a post about the new book by the Washington Department of Natural Resources (WA DNR), Information Circular 107 "Roadside Geology of Mount Rainier National Park and Vicinity" by Patrick T. Pringle and contributors. In developiing two Web pages, one for the description and download the book and sections, and two, the map searchable download, I communicated with both the author, now a professor of Earth Sciences at Centralia College, and the folks at the WA DNR.

I did incorporate all of their suggestions and recommendations which you can see on the main book description and downloadWeb page and map searchable map Web page. But in working with DNR for the Web pages I discovered their download ftp server has problems with Apple's Safari browser, which is my main browser, with plug-ins with Mozilla's Firefox browser, and with OmniWeb browser.

Alternative Download Web pages

So to resolve the problems and provide an alternative access to the book, I developed two alternative Web pages, the new description and download Web page and searchable map Web page. These Web pages do not have problems with any browser or plug-in, at least what I have and tested, but you can send e-mail if you discover a problem with your browser or plug-in.

I still recommend people buy the book from DNR's Web page since it's a great book that is easily useable wherever and whenerver you want, especially in the car and field. I would also consider downloading the PDF files and printing some of the tables and maps to view alongside the individual trip sections. You can get the best of both.

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