Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Update

I have update the current conditions and the NP map along with the April report. In addition I have moved all the past reports to its own Web page.

So what is and what will April be like this year?

Well, it's a continuation of March, like obviously, but really this year because of a late spring snowfall which raised the snowpack from about 80% of normal to about 110-120% of normal. And snow is deeper at the lower elevations, meaning it's thorughout the NP, including the normally cleared lower Carbon River valley. Longmire has 3+ feet of snow as does the Mowich Lake entrance. All of these areas are usually clear by now with snow starting above 3,000 feet.

This means the same ideas and rules applies, it's winter and it's snow, so be prepared and be flexible for both snow, melting snow and cool to cold weather. The daytime temperatures should start warming up during the month, so many lower elevation scenes should interesting photographically, such as waterfalls.

In other matters, I'm still working on the 1896 expedition. I have the initial route determined and the Web pages for the narrative and map ready (on-line sometime later this coming week). It's been interesting as you can see from the recent blog entries. Without decent or accurate maps, they didn't have a lot to go by on the expedition, so deciphering their description has proven difficult.

Anyway, that's about it for now. You're always welcome to send me e-mail with any comments, corrections, suggestion or questions.

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