Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm looking for suggestions for some Web pages with the photo guide for Mt. Rainier NP. Specifically the individual areas, see introduction to the fives areas.

I've broken the NP into five areas, the four quadrants defined by the access to them, namely the highways and entrances, and the Paradise area, which is the most popular and visited area. The goal is to present both current conditions and information and specific photography tips and ideas for that area, along with resources for additional information.

In addition, I'd like to present and provide better maps. I'm currently using available NPS maps. Many of the on-line maps aren't of sufficient quality or information to be useful. I use Google maps because it's convenient and has lots of neat user tools, but its view of the NP from the map providers, isn't very good.

The commercial map software packages have some issues with output formats for the Web. Either they don't provide them or they require a plug-in to view them, the former useless for developers and the latter useless for users. And even the USGS uses a proprietary viewer to convert 7 1/2 minute topographic maps to PDF's.

And none of those output formats are scalable, meaning interactive with the user to adjust the size and scale. And the on-line maps which have both scalability and topographic features require subscriptions. It's a no-win situation for someone like me want to develop a map-based photography guide.

So I'll use the public domain NPS maps and try to develop better Web versions so users have a better idea of what they can do in the NP. And here is where you can help by sending me your interests, ideas, suggestions, questions, comments, whatever for the individual areas. In short, what would you like to have before and when you go to the NP?

And you're welcome to let others know about this work. While I have ideas of what I want to do, it won't work if people don't use it. I won't argue my goal eventually is a general guide book and a detailed Website, the former either an on-line version or publish version (my goal) and the latter free. Right now I'm looking at two format for the print, either like this one with foldout maps or this one with a map folder and take out maps. Both books would have six maps, the five sections and an overview map.

But I'm getting ahead of myself by a few years here. The immediate goal is to develop the individual areas into working sections. And that's where you can help. So, it's your opportunity to get some work and information for free. Not a bad price I'd say.

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