Thursday, April 23, 2009

SW area photo guide

I've developed the first (draft) version of the photo guide for the southwest area. It's available there or from the overview guide. You're welcome to send me your comments, suggestions, questions or whatever, preferably positively.

I'm using this area guide as the format for the other four areas (see overview). I still want to produce better maps, but am struggling finding good on-line topographic maps. Right now I'm using National Geographic's Topo software of USGS topographic maps and available NPS maps. They may have to do for now while I work on the other areas, which are more important to get the first draft by Memorial Day weekend.

While working on this area photo guide I thought of another map Web page, one with the different places for the different types of photos you can get, such as vistas, landscape, river, forest, etc. It's just a thought for now which I'll explore, and if you would like to see that too with the photo guide, please let me know.

Well, that's it for this round. The next area will be the Paradise (center) area of the NP. After that the northwest (Carbon River and Mowich Lake) area. Then the two eastern areas since I'm less familar with those areas. And maybe I'll find some better maps.

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