Monday, November 16, 2009

November Update

I have updated the news, conditions, and report Web pages for the NP. This includes that latest information about the roads and activites to Novemer 15th. The NP is now in full winter mode under winter recreation rules.

This includes the snowpark at Paradise which is open for skiers and snowshoers. Snowboarders will have to wait until the snow is at least 5 feet deep there, which should be in 1-2 weeks, but only if the temperature drop for snow at that elevation. We're in the period where this is dependent on the warm or cold storm fronts for rain or snow. I will be adding some links to Web pages with current information.

Otherwise, all the roads are closed at the NP boundary except two. One is highway 706, southwest (Nisqually) entrance and the road to Longmire and Paradise. It's managed daily at the gate just east of Longmire. The other one is highway 123, the southeast (Ohanopecosh) entrance, where the highway is open from the NP boundary to the junction of Stevens Canyon Road. All the other roads are only open to winter hikers.

That's it for now. This should be correct through the Thanksgiving Day Holiday and into early December, but I'll update everything for December 1st. Until then you're always welcome to send e-mail.

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