Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Webcams at Paradise are back on-line. I'll keep monitoring them and report any changes. Kudos to the NPS staff for adding and maintaining the Webcams for the public. It's a great assest and tool for both them and us. It's greatly appreciated.

I will work on the last item, the new Webcam for inside the Jackson Visitors center. I'll have to find a place on the Web page for it which will take some time. I'll update this blog when it's there.

Original post
I have updated the Web page for the Webcams at Paradise in Mt. Rainier NP with a notice, which reads as follows.

Late last week (November 3rd) the four Webcams at the Jackson Vistor Center (below) stopped updating. I don't know where the problems are as the NPS staff sort out and fix the problem, but for now the images are from November 3rd around noon. I will update the Web pages when I see new images.

In addition, I discovered they've added another Webcam at the visitors center, and when they come back on-line, I'll add this one to the Web page for people to see all of them and to download any of the current images. The new one is of the inside of the visitor center.

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