Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Website problems

Update.-- It's back and current. Please let me know if you encounter any problems with Web pages. The short version of the long story is my Website host moved all the Websites to a third-party mega-server in Florida over the weekend and things got screwed up and lost when they reloaded the old version after I updated it with their ok.

Orignal post.-- Please see my photo blog for information about my Website which is experiencing serious problems caused the host/isp. All was supposed to be done by Monday, which I uploaded an update of the entire Website, only to find by Tuesday it was gone, back to the old version. And now (Wednesday 4 pm) it's back to February 2009. I can't access the server to fix it and I can't access the new server to upload the Website.

In short, my host/isp just screwed my Website and my work. And if it doesn't improve, they'll get a very angry face at the front desk.

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