Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Reports

I have update the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide with the November news, access and conditions, and prospects Web pages. November is the first full month of winter operations with all the seasonal closures and the first really cold temperatures, and as we saw from late October, snow. It's unsure if this snow will last, although the predictions are for a colder and wetter winter. Many early snow storms melt in the first above freezing weather.

In short, it's winter when and where the weather and conditions are dynamic, so come prepared and be flexible with your plans. This is important on the trip to the NP. Snow changes everything as roads close or require traction tires or chains. Also bring extra clothes, food and hot drinks along with blankets for emergencies or periods of wating. Remember the Jackson visitiors center is only open weekends and holidays so the Paradise area has no available facilities weekdays.

On another note, I've updated the winter photography Web page with new information and expanded resources. I hope this guide helps your winter visit and you're always welcome to send me your comments, questions, suggestions, etc. via e-mail.

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