Friday, November 12, 2010

MPG V2.8

I've updated the table of contents for the Mt. Rainier photo guide for some recent and some upcoming changes. I've been working on some new Web pages, specifically the placenames, the glaciers (the current ones are for viewing trails and places of glaciers), and early (1890-1900) photography for a description of what the early photographers used to photograph in the pre- and post NP.

These new pages are still in production. The glacier will describe and locate the existing glaciers and snowfields in the NP. The placenames will initially list all the placenames in the NP for the features. The early photography will briefly describe what photography was like in the last decade before the NP with the introduction of 4x5" sheet film by Kodak.

After that the December updates will be on-line and the two missing area guides some time next spring. These take about a month to research and produce, so it's not quick or easy, and since those areas are closed for the season except for winter travellers in some close areas, it's not critical for visitors.

That's it for now. Back to plowing.

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