Monday, November 15, 2010

The To Do List

Well, this weekend I did my usual list of things to do with the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide, and I realized over time this list never shrinks, whether it's just small things or bigger project things, and it's only grown to three-plus pages of items and notes. These things fall into several catagories. The on-going items, often the routine (eg. monthly updates and reports), the Web page(s) work in progress, the bigger projects, eg. history projects, and the more longer term things, producing the on-line book.

As visitors to the photo guide have seen, and keep seeing, some of the things are clearly labelled as "Forthcoming" or "In Preparation" which are usually on the first page of the list but often will take a few weeks or longer to finish. But there is a long list of items behind those or within current Web pages as I do my walk-through to update or add to Web pages or add whole new Web pages.

That said, you can read the list of photo guide plans and send me your comments, ideas, interests, needs, etc. for the photo guide. I'll have my crack staff of one review them at a cafe with a nice coffee beverage (not necessary to include a gift card to offset the work, but one for a local cafe or Starbucks if you don't know any wouldn't hurt the taste buds and mind).

And like the NPS worker who drives the snowplow every day in the winter, plans are consistent, the stuff is always there and plowing ahead is always the order of the day. But at least I don't have to bring my thermos of coffee with me anymore (kinda' been there with winter field work).

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