Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Governance of the NP

I updated the Web pages on the laws, regulations, polices, etc. governing Mt. Rainier NP, see introduction with links to the rest of the suite of Web pages. With the exception of two, the Forest Reserve Act of 1897 and NP designation of 1899, the laws, etc. are summarized with links to the full text. The purpose was to provide you with an overview of the complexity of some of the legal stuff the government and the NP staff have to deal with in and with the NP.

It's a bunch as you can see looking at them, but that's only those pertaining to the NP itself, and not employees and other elements of the federal government involving Mt. Rainier NP and the staff. Having worked in the federal government (28 years with the USGS) it's volumes upon volumes of regulations complying with laws. It's policies pertaining to everything. It's Executive Orders. And it's making it all work together and still be within the law.

It's your government at work as defined by Congress into laws and signed by the President. It's not the fault of the NPS, they didn't create anything that wasn't already defined into law. They're simply complying with it. So don't take your anger out on them when you should be angry with Congress, your elected representatives, and your President. Like that's going to do anything, but hey, you can try and speak up.

Anyway, that's it for now. Don't expect much for awhile. I'll be off on medical tests and getting my new computer up and running. And then it will be the holidays. I'll post something through this period but probably not new stuff until the January reports.

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