Thursday, December 9, 2010

Website and Computer

I wrote that I ordered a new computer (Mac Pro) and will be replacing the old one (Mac PPC G5) the week of the 13th. That's been moved up to this weekend after the telephone company resolves the problems with the DSL I have to the (home) office. That means while the Website is up and was updated from earlier this week, it won't be updated again while I get the new Mac updated with software and the files transferred.

Also, I'll be out for medical tests the week of Christmas so updates will be minimal for the latest information if anything is important or interesting to note. I wrote about the heart problems they discovered. And I'll be on drugs for 4 months and longer if nothing improves.

Well the next test are for the bacterial infection I have going back decades and more recently the last three years which became worse this year and more so this fall. These tests should find the culprit, and the only question is if a treatment is available, and if so, what it is and what side effects there (always) are with me.

Such is life sometimes. Start something and everything else happens around it to distract your attention. I'm not good at balancing more than 2 things, 3 tops, at a time, and adding this with other issues, it's sometimes a little overwhelming. For me at least. But there isn't much choice with these.

And so, as I noted before, it's time to get it done. So, expect only a few updates until after Christmas.

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