Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday Update

Just so you know, this is Paradise this morning, and that's 16+ feet of snow. We're still about a month away from the normal start of snowmelt, and from here it normally doesn't add much snow. But this isn't a normal year, as seen in the NRCS Snotel weather data and precipitation graph.

"Just a little high.", as Bob Uecker might say about a baseball pitch. And the road can be iffy for access, but for the next one to two months, Paradise will be white before the snow begins to melt and the trees buried under the snow begin to peak through for the spring growth. I usually head for the Westside road in April for the first hike of the season. It's a great way to stretch the legs on a nice slight grade for 3.5 miles to Fish Creek and back.

And more if you cross the creek to the road over into the Puyallup River basin, but bring your snowshoes, the snow level will still be lower until early May when most of the lower snowpack has melted in most areas, except north slope and shaded areas. You can get more information from the NPS Website. Take care.

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