Monday, March 24, 2008

On-line resources

I updated the status of Mt. Rainier last week, and the photo above is a recent image from the NPS Webcam. The road just short of the Paradise visitors center is clear. The road is closed nightly at Longmore and opened each morning, if possible, after the road is checked and any snow cleared. Some days or weeks, the road is closed from excess snow or avalanches. If you plan to visit during the winter, you should check with the USFS-NPS Outdoor Recreation Information Center for the status of the road.

For this post I wanted to list a few on-line resources which are useful for planning your trip.

The Tacoma News Tribune Mt. Rainier Guide
National Park Service Mt. Rainier NP operating hours
Mt. Rainier NP Blog for roads and access
USGS realtime weather data - sites around the NP
Mt. Rainier climbers blog
Google map of Mt. Rainier NP.

These links will be updated as they change and I find new ones. You can also send e-mail with suggestions or questions.

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