Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Updates

I've updated the various Web pages, listed on the photo guide, which includes the news, access and conditions Web pages, the blog list (of entries here in chronological order), the day hikes and map Web pages and the southwest (Nisqually entrance) area information and map Web pages. For the most part, what applied in July applies in August with some exception.

The first exception is the snowpack is quickly disappearing between 5-6,000 foot elevations, expect in shaded areas, north facing slopes and some areas of the Wonderland Trail.

The second is wildflowers, which are in bloom now at Paradise and Sunrise (reported) and likely in the other areas, such as Indian Henry Hunting Grounds, Van Trump Park and Spray Park among others (see Web page.

The third is bugs. Bugs usually start about mid-July, not long after the last snowmelt, starting at the lower elevations and working up the elevations as temperatures rise and snow melts. The bugs usually last until mid-to-late August, until the first near-freezing night. After that only the tough survive but not long.

The weather in August is very similar to July, see blog post (scroll to weather tables at Longmire and Paradise). August and usually through the Labor Day holiday weekend is the best hiking season for the higher elevations where the nights are cool and the days warm.

That's it for now. On the horizon for August are some more of the area guides, probably the Paradise (central) and Carbon River & Mowich Lake (northwest) areas, and some more on the history project, probably the National Park designation effort. That's a lot for a month, so no promises, but I'll see what I can get done. Until then, enjoy your visit, leave no trace and take only photos.

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