Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updated area guides

I have updated the southwest and Paradise area guides with short history section, more to get you a feel that visitors, hikers and climbers have been coming to Mt. Rainier of about 130 years and longer if you count the first explorers into the area and first mountain climbers.

But that pales in comparison that tribes have been visiting Mt. Rainier for thousands of years, and some areas, like Paradise, were long known and used as a seasonal recreation destination for relaxing from the heat of the lowlands and for the plentiful foods (plants and animals) and supplies along with ceremonies. It's a place the many tribes just shared and enjoyed.

We weren't the first to see and enjoy the pleasures and beauty of Mt. Rainier, we're just the most recent. So, enjoy your visit and remember you're one of many over all these years, centuries and millenia to take in the sights and reveal in the beauty.

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