Tuesday, August 25, 2009


While researching the history of Mt. Rainier NP, I've managed to find some really cool, or is cool to me, historic publications about the NP or related to the NP. And with the Internet these days, the search for research and information material has become easier but often more challenging. Easier because so many sources and resources have on-line bibliographies or catalogs. And challenging because they're all different and you have to wade and filter at the same time.

This really isn't much different than the old fashioned card catalogs for books and indexes of journals I went through during my graduate school days. Those you waded through pages and pages of lists and drawers and drawers of titles and authors by subject. Now you have to learn the Website's search criteria and then wade and filter through pages and pages of lists. Same lists, different format.

Like the research for my MS degree thesis I like to get original prints, preferable, or copies, acceptable, of the article, book, report, whatever. I like to have it available anytime. I'm a researcher reader. I don't often read anything through, I read chapters or use the index to search and read pages. But I digress. In the research it's what I've found that's interesting, to read the perspective of Mt. Rainier and the NP then.

So that to end here's what I've found outside of those listed on the books and resources Web page and all are original prints unless noted, along with some notes about it.

First I have copies of the three USGS topographic maps of Mt. Rainier NP, the 1915 map (digital copy of the orignal print), the 1938 map (1943 reprint), and the 1971 map. These are cool to compare if not just look at for the information.

"Motorist's Guide to Mount Rainier National Park", 1933 and 1937 editions. These are the ones visitors got at the entrances with maps of the NP.

"Mount Rainier National Park", no name or date but between 1940-1951 (Director's name), visitors phamphlet with map.

"Map of Mount Rainier National Park", NPS 1918 from the the second annual report of the NPS (established 1916), showing roads, trails and facilities.

As you can tell, being a geographer, I'm a map freak. I love them. I don't treat them as treasures, god knows if you see my hiking and road/city maps, I just like to look at them for the information and then compare them with earlier or later maps of the same area.

"Our Greatest Mountain", A. H. Barnes, National Park Art Series, 1911, pre-publication copy.

"Mount Rainier, It's Human History Associations", H.E. Rensch, 1935, NPS Field Division of Education publication.

"The Geology of Mount Rainier National Park", Howard A. Coombs, 1936, University of Washington Publication. This publication was written from his PhD dissertation.

"Trees of Mount Rainier National Park", C. Frank Brockman, 1949, University of Washington Press.

"Forests of Mount Rainier National Park", G.F. Allen (US Forest Service), 1922, National Park Service.

"The Story of Mount Rainier National Park", C. Frank Brockman, 1940 (second revision 1952), National Park Service.

"A Guide to the Trails of Mount Rainier National Park", Robert Weldon and Merlin Potts, 1950 and 1966 editions (both), Mount Rainier Natural History Association.

"Behind the Scenery of Mount Rainier National Park", Howard R. Stagner, 1952 and 1966 editions (both), Mount Rainier Natural History Association.

These are interesting publications, both for the history and information, and for wondering what the NP was like then. I keep looking for historical material, mostly pre-1920 stuff, but the 1920-1970 stuff is also good.

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